No thanks. I don’t want to dance.

I went out that night with my friends to a club. I was ready to have a good time who would have known I good find a guy I would spend the next three months with.

He kept asking me to dance & I kept saying I’m okay or I don’t really like this song but when a good one comes on, come find me. Eventually I have in and danced with him… The rest of the night but I didn’t get his number or anything. He was a mystery until I was too see him again.

Next time I seen him was at Halloween party & we were dancing all night again as usual. He couldn’t stay away.. Made me feel good about myself and my dancing. That night I got his number, it always feels good when you get that number.. RIGHT. Anyways, we started texting everyday all day.The sex was amazing, never a bad day. It was the best conversations I had in a very long time.

We got closer and closer over the next month when I had found out “THE” worst news ever. He had a girlfriend. I didn’t have any idea he had one and I felt terrible and lied too. I had suspected he was talking to someone else just by looking at his tweets and he would make excuses like she tweeted that. And on & on & on. This is when everything started going downhill.

I didn’t give that easy though because he was still coming over everyday and texting me and all that good stuff. But eventually I had to make him choose and he wouldn’t choose. It went even farther downhill. It went to a point where me & the girl would have twitter fights all the time fighting over someone that was treating us both bad.

In the end I thought their was still chance that me & him would get together but I was in completely in denial. I fought for someone that didn’t even want me. Eventually we stopped talking & that was for the best.


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