Why Cheat…?

When you get cheated on who should you really be mad?

Should you get mad at the girl? Or should you be mad at your gf/bf?

Girls take upon themselves to fight, bother, and talk about the girl/guy that their boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on them with.


Do you realize that your girlfriend or boyfriend cheated on you.. The girl/guy they did cheat on you with has nothing to do with.

Many would say well if he/she knew that he/she had a gf/bf. why would she even do anything with him/her?
You know why..

Because they aren’t the ones in the relationship.. They know exactly what their getting out of the situation. Most girls/guys don’t even know that the girl/guy has a bf/gf.

Most of the time the cheatee doesn’t know about anything going on because they are getting lied too. Constantly.

The thing that KILLS me the most is when the girl/guy STAYS with the girl/guy.

You think that it’s over with that one girl/guy that he won’t do it again. You take him/her back, what makes you think they won’t do it again if they know you will take them back. Don’t be stupid, leave.

Do not stay in situation where he/she knew with they were doing while they were with you. If he/she loved you like they say they do. The thought would have never crossed there mind. THINK.

If they love you they won’t CHEAT period.



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