Forget you ***** !

How can you sit there & act like we were never together or we never hung out..

You told me you wanted to be with me..
You told me that I’m the only one you wanted to be with.
You told me that you wanted to take me on dates.
You told me you wanted to kiss me..

But now all of sudden you decided that you don’t want it. But when I want nothing but you.. You tell me I’m too attached. When you made me BELIEVE that you wanted me.

Don’t sit there and tell me your not wrong when you brought all of this upon yourself.

If you never wanted it you never should have asked for it or led me on.

To think that you are going to be with somebody and devote every minute to them when you can and then they just stop because they never meant it to go that far..

You led me on to BELIEVE, you wanted me.

Where else would I get the idea?

Being the one gets led on brings heartbreak and disappointment.

It makes you not trust people and even hate relationships.

It makes you not want to ever fall in love or feel exactly how it feels to be in love.

From the beginning you knew what you were doing and now look your stressed and my heartbroken.

But it’s my fault that I fell for you and want nothing but you.

You never had to make it that complicated.. Pretty much



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