Rules for a Good Relationship

Relationships are all based on so many things. Some things are needed in a relationship and some aren’t needed at all.

Number 1: COMMUNICATION. This is a huge part of a relationship. Most people don’t understand that not texting back and not calling effects the relationship. I feel like this is the key to a good relationship.

Number 2: TRUST. If you do not have trust in your relationship, you guys might as well not be together. Trust is so important because nobody wants to confide and be with something that they can’t trust period.

Number 3: FAITHFUL. I do not see the point of being on a relationship with one person if you with all these other different people. If you don’t want to be that person and you rather do stuff with someone else.. Pleaseee just break up with them and let them know why.

Don’t continue to sit there and act like you love the person but yet your doing stuff with other people. What’s the point? Just end it.

Number 4: MAKE THEM FEEL SPECIAL. Make sure that they know you are the only person you want to be with. Don’t make them feel like they have to be in competition with other guys or girls. Treat them as your one & only. Simple as that.

Number 5: PERSONALITY. You may not think this is important but it is. Most people want somebody that is completely different from them, which is usually considered there better half. Opposites do attract and they do work out in the end.

Number 6: DATING. Is very essential to building a good relationship. You want to know that you want to be with the person. Make sure you go out and do things. Introduce them to your friends and into there life.

Number 7: BECOME FRIENDS FIRST. This is like SUPER IMPORTANT. You want to start off with a strong foundation even before you start dating. Because if you move to fast then things will definitely start to fall apart & nobody wants that.

Number 8: BE RESPECTFUL. As in understand that you guys have different opinions and values.. So just respect each other.

Number 9: 50/50. Don’t always make him pay or her pay. Sometimes you should pay for a couple times but then switch off. Like one day you buy him or her something.. Don’t let it be a one sided relationship.



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