Are you really Frontin?

You know what’s crazy that when you alone with me your:
nothing but happy
-always smiling
-stay laughing
-acknowledge that fact that I’m there
– treat me right

But why is it when we around other people you want to act like:
– you don’t care about me
-you not interested
-you don’t want to be there
-wish you were somewhere else

Why? I’m really curious.

Why you putting up a front & why you keeping me a secret? What’s there to hide?

-Don’t want nobody to know about us
– theirs someone else
– you have a gf or bf

What’s with a the secrets and the hiding things? What are you so afraid up.. What people will think, What people will say, and what people will do.

If you truly cared like you said you did, why all the games and secrets..

If you have nothing hide… Then stop frontin. PERIOD.


Tell me what you have to say..

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