I think I like girls..

Some people feel that liking the same sex is a terrible thing.. But you can’t help who you like.

I feel that everybody quality that you can find in a guy, you can find in a girl.

People shouldn’t just people that like the same sex, it’s what makes them happy and makes them who they are.

Why should they hide who they truly are?

Most people in this situation keep it a secret for a long time because they feel people will judge them.

Most of my friends and good friends like the same sex and I’m perfectly okay with it because I know it makes them happy.

I’ve recently had an experience of liking a girl and at first I couldn’t believe I did. But in the end it made me happy.

This does not mean I’ll never date a guy again or anything but it means that I’m doing what makes me happy and not what makes other people happy.

All in all, who are you to judge someone else.

Nobody is perfect.


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