I Miss You :(

I miss the way you:

-made me smile
-made me laugh
-made me feel
-showed me some much attention
-wanted to spend every minute with me
-wanted to do nothing but kiss me
-thought I was the only for you

But there’s so much I can say about how I miss you but the good never outweighed the bad.

I wanted something I thought you could give me, I wanted something I know only you could do for me.

But now here am alone and without you.

Do I REGRET anything? Nope.

Because I thought you were going to be the last person I talk too and I would never have to worry about dealing with anybody else.

It’s kind of depressing sometimes because everything reminds me of you.


JUST EVERYTHING. & it sucks because it means you were such a big part of me. You may feel like you weren’t but you were. And one day when you realize how much I meant to you & how much you meant to me you will realize you made a huge mistake.

Should I miss you? No.
Should I still want to be with you? No.
Should I still want the same things with you? No

But it’s something that I can’t help and I’m slowly trying to move past it but it’s going to take some time.

I miss you & I would never lie about it but what you did to me is something that I will never forget.


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