Why would I ever take you back?

It’s funny how you are all of sudden trying to come back in my life??

That’s not even the right question to ask… The right question is..

Why would I ever let you come back into my life when all you did was:

-Stress me out.

-Talk badly about me.

-Keep me a secret.

-Treat me like crap

-Show me know attention.

-Lie to me.

-Make me your #2 & not #1.

I can go on for days about all the things you never done and will probably never do if i allowed you to come back in my life.

Nobody deserves to put up with all of that nonsense, NOBODY.

I will never understand how you can treat someone so badly that you think you can just all of sudden come back when you feel like it.

You do not deserve a second chance after so many chances were already given. It’s annoying.

You used up all your chances & I will never allow you or anybody else to treat me that way again.



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