Top 10 Pet Peeves

There are a lot of things that bother me and irritate me but some things I just HATE.

1. Wet Socks: I have never got so mad about wet socks. To walk on the bathroom or kitchen and to step in water drives me NUTS.

2. Liars: I can’t stand anybody that lies to me. It’s disrespectful. If I don’t lie to you, you don’t lie to me. PERIOD.

3. Rude People: There is never a reason for anybody to me rude to me or my friends. Being rude to my friends in front of me makes me very angry.

4. Feet: I hate feet. I don’t want anybody to touch my feet or see my feet. I don’t want to see anybody else’s feet or touch anybody else’s feet. I don’t want anybody’s feet on me or near me.

5. People don’t call you back : if you tell me hat your are going to call me back do it. Don’t make me wait up waiting for you to call me back. It’s not cool, just don’t do it.

6. Tasting New things: If you know me you know I’m a picky eater soo don’t get mad when you offer me something you know I would never eat. I hate tasting stuff, it’s just not my thing.

7. Fake People: I don’t need you to act like you like me or act like you want to be my friend. I honestly don’t care if you like me or not. Don’t act fake around me, it’s annoying.

8. Toilet Paper: once the roll of toilet paper is gone. Do not, I repeat do not pit the toilet paper on the sink or wherever else. It takes to seconds to take he old roll off and put the new roll on. It’s not complicated.

9. Moochers: Every time I have good or candy or anything, you don’t always have to ask for something. Just buy your own stuff.

10. Reach onto my plate: don’t you dare reach towards my plate without asking if you can have some. Don’t reach for my plate and ask for something when I haven’t even said yes or no. It’s rude.

Most of these things are simple things but they annoy me. If you have any pet peeves or any weird ones comment below.


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