Season is here!

Do you know what time it is because I do.


Season is here and I’m ready.

I’m ready for the excitement of getting to play games.
I’m ready to to get some W’s and maybe become undefeated.
I’m ready to block everybody’s shot to beat a record.
I’m ready to grab every rebound that comes my way.
I’m ready to celebrate with my team.

All this hard work during preseason the conditioning, weights, the motivation to keep pushing when it gets tough.

Giving up your summer and dedicating it to getting better.

Your mentality changes because you only want to be #1, prove everybody wrong.

People going in and out, my team & I still fight through all of it because together we are strong.


To hear and see all the fans scream yell and get all the support.

I’m ready to show everyone that I’m more then what you see.

We out here trying to prove something. PERIOD.


Tell me what you have to say..

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