Dangers of Dating

Dating is probably one of the most stressful things that anybody can do. One wrong move and it will go all downhill in one day.

But there are some dangers about dating that can really effect your relationship with someone.

1. Do NOT start something with someone else if your not over your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend. It’s so rude because the person starts to think they have a chance with you but they don’t.

and let’s not forget

2. You might spend a lot of money a person going out to dinner or doing anything. Don’t be the person to pay every single time because they could just be using you to eat free food & get free stuff.

3. You never know who the person is when you start dating, which is the whole point of dating but sometimes it can be scary because you are going in blind and you have no clue how they will act or what they will do.

4. Some people just date you because they “want your cookie” as my mom would say. Don’t give it up so easily on the first date or any date. Just wait until your in he relationship with the person.. to really do anything.

People put themselves out there all the time when it come to looking for that right guy or girl. It’s STRESSFUL. I know. You can only  do so much until you stop trying.

All in All, YOU have to take the RISK!


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