That Awkward Moment…

When the relationship is over, there tends to be many awkward moment where your friends and their friends communicate.

I still don’t know how I should deal with or handle the situation. It seems like the friends or parents just don’t know what has happened in the relationship.

  • It’s that awkward moment when the mom grabs you and the other person and says “BIG HUG!”
  • It’s the awkward moment when you go to your friend’s party to have a good time and you hear that your friend invited him/her over.
  • It’s the awkward moment when you guys still hang out and talk and they tell you about all the new people they’re talking to and doing stuff with.
  • It’s the awkward moment when you start to realize their still might feelings there.

What do you do when…?

They give you that hug and you feel a rush of feelings coming back.

Or even when you go through your pictures and you start reminiscing about the good times.

That day you hear a certain song that you guys always listened to everyday and you automatically think of them.

You think of nothing but kissing them…?

Do you ruin the relationship by telling them you still have feelings for them or you just keep the relationship as friends?

Nobody can really answer the question accept the other person but sometimes you just don’t want to hear that you don’t have any chance of being with this person anymore. Who Does?

The point is some things aren’t meant to change, they are meant to stay the same.


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