Who do you choose?

It’s been a while since I’ve actually made a post. Sorry, I’ve been slacking. Basketball takes up so much time nowadays. But the topic of today is.. who do you choose?

I am in a situation where people are starting to like me. It becomes a problems when it comes to spending time with certain people.

Are you suppose to choose or are you suppose to just let fate figure it out?

I don’t feel like I should cut off anybody because it seems as if everybody is on the same playing field. Nobody has really hit that  HOME-RUN yet in other words.There’s so many to choose from but nobody is better than the other..such as:

  • There’s the guy that plays basketball and we get along perfectly except for the times when it feels like I’m just not important to him. Like other things are important.
  • There’s the other guy who is the sweetest, nicest, person in the world but doesn’t look as good. Not that I am shallow or anything.
  • There’s the guy that lives so far away and has a hectic schedule…when will there be time for us to talk and hang out.
  • There’s the girl that you still are stuck on but you know that she needs to figure out the stuff that’s going on in her life before she can be involved with anybody else.
  • There’s the guy from high school who has told you that he has always liked you but just never made the move to go for it…was it just because I wasn’t who you thought I was before.

I don’t want to have to choose and lose out on the opportunity that I chose the wrong one.
Should I be thinking this way, I don’t know? Why not just leave it alone and see has it plays out.

It’s a touch situation whether you think I should be happy all of these people like me or the fact that no of them have pushed to be that number one.



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