My Wish List for Christmas

There’s so many things I could think of… Well not really.

1. A Car. If I got a car I would cry my eyes out. I’ve been struggling out here in Nebraska for three years. It’s tough.

2. Build A Bear. I’ve been wanting to go here since I was like 14 or something and until this day. I still want to go.

3. Dinner & Movie. There is this place downtown Omaha that is like a dinner and movie place and I’ve been dying to go there. Like dying to go to.

4. Uggs. I have an obession with Uggs but I really want a new pair. I don’t have many but I would really love a short pair that are tan.

5. A new laptop. My laptop is steadily falling apart and I can’t play my game on it. I would love a new one.

6. Nebraska/Iowa. The bridge where you can be two places at once. I wish I could go. Sad part is I don’t know where it is. HELP.

7. A Date. I have never been on an official date ever. Like dinner and movie or anything.

8. Ice Skate. Ever since I’ve been in Nebraska I’ve wanted to go ice skating downtown. Just enjoy all the full effects of winter and beautiful downtown.

9. Blanket. I’ve always wanted one of those blankets that you have to make yourself. I’ve never gotten one but I would love it with to kernel and Betty Boop on it.

10. Despicable Me 2: I love these movies and I just need the second one on DVD

11. A Boyfriend. Doesn’t even have to necessarily be a boyfriend right now just somebody I that will be there for me and appreciate what I do for them and I hope to receive the same from them.

That’s all for now.


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