Help Me.

I have so many answers about so many things… of course I do. I don’t know everything. Help me answer some things. I need your opinion.


1. What are you suppose to when somebody barely ever texts you back most of the time but that other little bit of the time they text you all the time..? Keep texting them or stop texting them?

2. When you like somebody is it weird that you want to hang out with them everyday, well almost everyday?

3. If you have sex with a lot of people does that make you a bad person…?

4. Why do people get into something with somebody that wants to be in a relationship, if they don’t want a relationship?

5. If you give it up the first night you hang out with a person, are you considered a hoe?

6. When you feel like your still in love with somebody should you tell them even though they don’t feel the same way about you (well you don’t know if they do)?

7. Do you think it’s a problem to talk to more than one person at a time when nobody is showing you that they want to be with you in a relationship?

8. Do you think that giving everybody a chance no matter how they look or what their personality is?

9. Do you think people can change?

10. Why do we go back to certain people when we are hurt then others?

This is all the questions i have for now… but might have some more.



Tell me what you have to say..

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