Coincidence.. Or Nah?

I’ve always thought that after one relationship goes bad that the next one will be better and different..

Wouldn’t you think that?

So far this is what has happened in the passed few relationships I’ve tried to start:

– Recently, just found out that Sooooo. Guess what just happened to me again. Fcking again.I started talking to this guy and we hung out a couple of times and guess what he just told me..

He has a ex gf that he talked to yesterday that has a boyfriend. But they both said there still in love with each other but she isn’t breaking up with her boyfriend. So he thinks we can just be friends and that’s it. Are you fcking kidding me?

That’s just situation #1.

– The relationship before that I was talking to this girl and everything was cool and fine until… She told me that she was still in love with her ex. & she chose her over me. That all ended very soon.

That’s situation #2

– Another time, I started hanging out and talking to this guy. He said I wanted to be with him and I wanted the same but yet everyday he would post pictures of his ex gf but he said the pictures didn’t mean anything.

Well guess what…


That’s situation #3

– There’s another guy I talked to for almost two years. & just recently he decided that he wanted to randomly get married to his baby mama and he did. But he said he loved me and said he wanted to be with me.

That’s another situation and that’s #4.

– I started talking to a guy and a month in, he decided to tell me that he had a girlfriend. He constantly kept telling me he would end it with her and they would break up.

Guess what… They never did. He chose her over me.

Hahaha and that’s situation #5.

These happen to always be the outcome or they just decide hey you know what I think “you are cool” that’s the second reason nobody wants to ever be with me.

They rather just be friends. FRIENDS. After I tell them exactly what I want. This is what I get “Let’s just be friends”.

There’s also the excuse ” I like you but I don’t want to be in a relationship” but they want all the things that come in a relationship.

It doesn’t work like that at all. You don’t deserve of that. Nobody does.

Let’s not forget the guys who just decide randomly they don’t want to talk to you anymore just out of the blue. No reason, no excuse. Not nothing just nothing.

There’s the guys that say we are young and in college. We can’t have a real relationship, cause there’s too much temptation and other things.

When does it all end? You tell me. Cause my faith is gone. It doesn’t exist.

Now you tell me if this is all just a coincidence or am I just not what anybody wants because I constantly keep ending up with this ended.

It never fails, but people keep telling me not give up. “He isn’t the right one” or ” You just haven’t found the right one”

I am giving up on this thing called love. It doesn’t exists whether I’m looking for it or not. Every situation seems to have the same outcome. Nobody has yet to decide that they want me.

Will the day ever come? I don’t think so.

My hope and faith in relationships is gone. It doesn’t work & it doesn’t exist.

On that note you tell me…

Coincidence or Nah?


Tell me what you have to say..

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