I’m in love..

Why is it that when I found out you found someone else.. That I emotionally fell apart?

I never knew the true feelings I had until you. I never knew what it felt like to be in love.

But all of sudden the same feeling when I couldn’t face you, was the same feeling I had when you told me your news.

My stomach didn’t just drop for no reason and why did it only drop for you?

Why did my body to start to shake and get all weird? Is it because I was in love or because it was the fact that it wasn’t me you wanted.

People told me it’s because I care about you that much that it crushed me, it literally broke my heart.

You are the one I’ve wanted since who knows when.. & do I still want you?

I don’t know.

I know that my feeling are true & that my heart is with you.


Tell me what you have to say..

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