Loss for Words

Lately, it seems like people have been going in and out my life. I question whether all of people that left ever cared enough to stay.

Caring about people is one thing I do best. I will be their for you no matter what and no matter the situation.

I value my friendship and I value the trust I put into people. When you lose that trust with me because you aren’t being who you told me you are, I become a whole new person. I don’t want to be that person.

Life is tough when you don’t have people to help you push through it.

Maybe I don’t need the friends or he support and this is all stuff that involves myself.

I’ve realized that I don’t need certain things in my life & holding onto a certain idea of what life should be like, is not it’s reality.

I’ve come a long way and been through many friendships and relationships whether turned into something or not.

It’s time I grow up realize that people aren’t who they say they are and everybody is not meant to be trusted.

It’s time to make my life about me being happy without the want and need of others.


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