Obessively checking his emails,twitter,instagram..

The other day I was in a bookstore just cruising around the magazine area. I picked up Cosmopolitan, a magazine, mostly a magazine women read.

There was an article that caught my attention it was called “When Normal Love Turns Obsessive”.

Most of us have been guilty of committing at least one or two drive-bys or walk-bys, as Moore calls them, not to mention stalking the object of our obsession on Facebook and Instagram.  By Paula Debrrow

We commonly do this action on daily, it’s hard to not do it. I though it was more of a social networking aspect.

Are we all in this obsessive love or are that’s just the way things are done now?

I realized that I am in OBSESSIVE LOVE. I am the type of person that will like do all of these things. Why I do it..? I don’t know.

To read more go ahead and read the article below… after you read the article let me know what your comments are.



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