A sports memory that will never be forgotten

Just because a new season is beginning and basketball season is right around the corner. 

We had just arrived at Milwaukee’s gym, the Klotsche Center, the whole gym was covered in yellow and black. We walked down three flights of stairs to get to the locker room waited for the key and got ready for the game. The game had just started we got the tip and Mikaela Shaw scored the first basket. By the end of the first half is what 33-30 and we were up.Milwaukee was steady fighting back when the second half of the game started. They were never really behind the whole game but we were up by 8 with 2:08 left on the clock. All we had to do was finish out the end of the game. We were up the whole game, we didn’t want to lose our lead. Everybody was putting everything they had on the floor. As the game went on it came down to the last minute of the game. I got back on defense and stole ball and we went the other way.

Coach Lange, Head Coach, she brought us in for a timeout and drew up a play for us to run in the game. It’s the last 24 seconds of the game Mikaela Shaw turns the ball over and we head back the other way to get on back on defense. We had to get the ball stopped. Jenny Lindner comes down into the paint with :20 left and gets fouled. Lindner heads to the free throw line both baskets were made. The score was now 59-60 with :20 in the second half. We were down by one but we weren’t done fighting yet, this was our game.

The ball comes back into play Jaleesa Armstrong fouls Brianna Bogard who shot a jumper with 18 seconds left. Bogard makes the first basket but misses the second free throw which makes the game 59-61 with: 18 left on the clock. The ball is defensive rebounded by Sydney Howard from Milwaukee. Milwaukee takes the ball up the court and the layup is good by Lindner with the assist from Howard with :07 left on the clock.

The game is tied at 61-61 with :07 seconds left on the clock. Shaw inbounded the ball to Lanese Bough. She realized that the game was tied and dribbled up the court as fast as she could with a in and out move up the court. About :03 seconds had already came off the clock, she looked up and saw our shooter Felicia Anderson in the corner.

Before passing half court, she through a perfect pass to Anderson with 03: remaining on the clock. Anderson released and made the 3, the game winning shot. Everybody rushed onto the court with excitement and just hugged her. We couldn’t believe what happened and not only was it a buzz beater. It was our first road win of the season. ​​

As we ran from the court, down the three flights of stairs, and rushed to the locker room screaming and shouting to the top of our lungs with uncontrolled excitement. The assistant coaches came down first throwing there clipboards left and right while yelling at the same time. Then came down our head coach who decide to finally take off her heels and throw them across the room. We sat there in front of the locker room screaming and shouting for about 10 minutes.

We had played an awesome game and we played it together.

Until next time,

Taijhe Kelly ❤️


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