the Jungle

As I walked down the porch, you entered the jungle better known as my backyard. All you could see was grass but this wasn’t just normal grass it was taller than me.
The grass was about 5 feet tall. There was no seeing through grass or even trying to get through it. The only way to successfully get through was to fight and take over the jungle with my brother. This is where the our imaginations came into went wild.
The trees were so enormous, tall, and green with animals making sounds left and right. All I could hear was cooing from birds, hisses from snakes, and roars from lions across the land. The gray furry creature was only a German shepherd but it didn’t matter. We had to find the treasure first, we searched everywhere and came across a map that led us through the mountains, trees, and deep waters.

After traveling around the jungle all day, we finally realized where the map took us which was the lion’s den. We never planned on taking on a lion to get the treasure but we weren’t going to give up now. We were invincible and took take on anyone or anything that got in our way.

We were the adventurous type, the ones who would climb mountains, and boat across large, dangerous waters. But it was time to tame the lion.

But there was only one thing I had on my mind and it was to slice down all the leaves and make it to the lion den. We crossed dozens of bridges, walked through huge rivers, and even fight off all the crazy bugs at the same time. Now it was time to fight the beast and claim our land. After, you go through countless hours of go back and forth through all the bruises and scratches.

Next thing you know her comes your hero flying in on a vine. You guys fight and claw with the lion and finally you tame the beast. You make it your friend and roam the jungle together. The fight is over and the calm of the storm is over. There is not anymore drama in the jungle, we solved it. The sky seems bluer now that we have conquered the beast. Nothing but clear skies above and mountain top views as you sit there with my hero, my brother.

This was our backyard and our jungle we had countless adventures. There wasn’t a thing in the world that could stop us from exploring the jungle with our lion. It made things to seem so real and like we were really fighting animals in the jungle.

There were tons of stories I could talk about how my brother and I took on the backyard and made it our own. There aren’t too many happy memories about my brother and I but these are the ones I remember forever. It’s the time where it was only us in the world and we were all that mattered.

As a child you never really know what adventures will come, because every day is exciting and new. As a child I always wanted to experience the adventure and I did. My brother and I fought every day in the backyard. There’s always an imagination that takes over and takes you to places you’d never thought you would ever be. There is always that one memory that you can’t forget.


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