Tough Decision, Best Decision 

I never thought I would leave the people I care for the most or even think about leaving the city I love. I had never felt so complete before I had to make the biggest decision of my life.

I had to realize what was best for me at the time. I set goals that I wanted to achieve which would have to be put on hold. I set out to stay in the city of Lincoln for a while and even get a house. I planned to save as much money as I can so I never had to worry about money again.

It was time I had to put somebody before myself. It was time for me to put my college years behind and take a look at what’s more important which was my baby boy ( which I didn’t know he was until a later time) but I knew this was the best option for me.

We all come to a point in time where people must understand why we have to do the things we do for the people we care most for no matter what the cost. I basically was giving up my independence and everything else to take care of my baby boy. He was all that mattered.

When it comes to a decision that you must make and follow your intuition and go with it because it always tells you what’s best.


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