Are you really in Love?

Human beings all seek out the same thing  90% of the time. It’s the feeling to be loved, have love, & be in love. We all crave this feeling and we want it forever. The sad part is some of us won’t find someone to fall in love with or to feel unconditionally love.

I couldn’t help but to stop and figure out what Unrequited love was while scrolling on Facebook. I had started scrolling an seen an article about “Unrequited Love”. I wanted to know what it was and how it effects every living person on this earth.

The best definition of Unrequited love I found was from Urban Dictionary.

Its the feeling of being completely, hopelessly, desperately in love with someone, all the while knowing that your feelings will never reach them.

Its contradictory in that you feel incredible because you love someone so much, but also at the same time you feel almost overwhelming despair because you will never know what it is like to hold them in your arms, or touch their face, or kiss their lips. You will never know what it is like to wake-up next to them in bed in the morning, bodies entwined.

It can be masochistic in nature- it causes such heartache, but you enjoy loving the person so much, you willingly let your heart go through the agony, so you can hold onto something- I don’t know, maybe hope?

We always tend to fall for people that are not interested in us and honestly have never even felt an ounce of love for you the way you do for them. It’s a feeling that literally devastates a person and makes them feel like they just weren’t enough. In all reality, it’s not that you’re not good enough it’s simply that they are NOT INTERESTED.

It’s so hard to wrap our minds around the idea that they don’t feel the same way you do. No matter how much they show that you care or how much their actions tell you different in the end they just don’t feel the same way.

Whoever that person is that you think is in love with you or interested in you, it’s time to step back and move on to the next. There’s no point in staying and waiting for someone who will never be interested in you. Someone who has told you multiple times that it’s just not going to happen.

In the end, you will be the only won’t hurt and devastated. So take a look at that person and make sure you’re not in Unrequited love. Make sure they love and care for you as much as you do for them. Trust me when I say if they are telling you they are not interested…



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