Month 1

I am going to tell you guys how wonderful (TOTALLY EXAGGERATED) my pregnancy was month-by-month. I feel like people always ask me how it was being pregnant. Let’s just say everybody’s pregnancy is definitely different so do not expect yours to be exactly like mine. 

I might even share some of my month by month pregnancy photos. Let’s get started.

Month 1

I had no idea I was pregnant at all. I didn’t notice anything different at all. I was pretty normal up to the end of month one. The only thing that had happened was I realized my breasts had gotten a lot bigger than they usually are. I only noticed it because I was trying on a dress and I was about go out with some friends.

The next couple of days I basically contemplated what if I was pregnant. In my mind I completely thought there’s no way I could be pregnant. I talked to a couple of people at work and realized I hadn’t had my period either. I finally decided to take a pregnancy test and these were the results.
When I saw the results, I literally just sat there on toilet for at least 20 minutes. My friend goes, “So, what were the results?” I just responded, ” Take a look for yourself.”

I never thought this day would come especially any time soon maybe in a year or two but not now. I immediately texted my mom the picture. I asked her ” Since the other line isn’t really showing that means I’m not pregnant, right?,” She said, ” No, you idiot you’re pregnant.”


My body didn’t change to much at all which was nice. The only change was that my breasts had gotten bigger and I didn’t have a period of course.

I cant wait to share the rest of my wonderful (exaggerated) pregnancy story.

Stay tuned for Month 2..


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