Flying with your Little One

I couldn’t decide whether I should bring the base or not bring the base. I couldn’t even decide if I should bring the stroller. I didn’t even know if you could bring water on the plane, so you could make the baby a bottle. I had no idea whether or not to bring the carrier either wondering if that would be easier. So I’m going to tell you exactly what to do to make your trip easier with your little one.

Before you purchase tickets
When purchasing tickets, you can decide to pay for a seat for your child or put him on your lap the entire flight. Sometimes you can just take a chance and not pay for your little one at all. Some flights will not be full and they will allow you to bring your car seat on the plane for free. It’s totally up to you whether you want to buy a seat or not.

Packing the diaper bag
When packing your little one’s bag before arriving to the airport, you can choose to bring whatever milk you have breast milk or formula. I decided to bring to go packets and pack his jars of formula in the suitcase. Just too cause less stress while making bottles on the go. You are allowed to bring bottles of water and baby food through security. They may check it just to confirm that it isn’t anything else but water.

Before you even get to the airport, make sure you print out his/her birth certificate. When you get to the airport you have to check in no matter what. They have to verify that your little one is under 2-years-old. You can decide to either bring your carrier and check your car seat and stroller at the gate. Or you can choose to check it before you get on the plane.

It also didn’t occur to me that you may not be able to drive yourself to the airport depending on how many bags you have and the stroller. So make sure you plan to have someone park and help you carry your bags to the terminal. Also, you can bring the diaper bag and check the stroller for free without paying a fee.

*These rules apply to flying on Southwest airlines.*

Using a carrier
When going through security, It might be a long process, so be prepared to take at least an extra 30 minutes to go through security with your little one. It might be easier if you just carry your little one in a carrier and carry a backpack or diaper bag. All the same rules apply to you when going through security.

Using your stroller
When deciding to use your stroller, you can check it at the gate and switch to your carrier or take your stroller to the gate. But when using your stroller to check it at the gate, you will have to take everything out of the stroller and put it through the machine. You have to take your baby out of the stroller and carry him. If your car seat and stroller are separate  you will have to take the car seat off and put it through the machine as well. Depending on how big your stroller is you won’t need to put it through at all. They will take the stroller and scan it themselves.

Getting on the plane
Always check to see whether it is a full flight or not. I always check just in case because I might be able to bring the car seat on the plane. If not you can check your car seat at the gate. Depending on if you have a nonstop flight or if you have to switch planes will make your next decision. I usually decide whether to get the car seat and stroller at the last destination if that’s what you prefer. If you have a longer layover, I advise you get your stroller at the next airport and not send it to your last destination.

If you decide to send your stroller and car seat through to your last destination, you may not get it when coming off the plane. You will have to pick it up when collecting your baggage at the baggage claim area or oversized items area.

*If you decide to bring the base, when taking your stroller and car seat apart, simply connect the base to the car seat then check it.*

I have to say that I figured out the in’s and out’s of flying with your little one. It took about four or five flights to figure it out but I made it happen. I hope this makes traveling with your little one a lot easier.

Until next time,

Taijhe Kelly


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