Month 2

Weeks 5-8

During Month 2 of my pregnancy, I was completely miserable because I’m pretty sure I couldn’t eat or drink anything at all. I could not eat or drink basically anything. I was super tired. I still went to work every single day during month 2 and I was always on my feet. I still worked about 30-40 hours a week at my job as a server. I had some moments where I literally couldn’t go to work because I was too exhausted.

The best part about month 2 was that I got to see the first pictures of my beautiful baby boy. I didn’t even know how to feel when I first heard his precious little heart beat during the ultrasound. I didn’t cry but as soon as I seen these pictures I sent them to my family.


It’s crazy to think this tiny little human is growing inside of you.

The symptoms started right around 6 weeks when we went to go visit my brother in Indiana. This is when the symptoms were somewhat mild and I was just very nauseous all the time. It wasn’t much going on with my body still at all. I didn’t even look pregnant at all. I noticed I did gain a lot of weight but not too much. My body was still in tact, thank god.

Not much to say about month 2 but lots of more fun stuff to come.


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