Month by Month during Pregnancy.

I kept trying to figure out what this glow was that everybody says a pregnant women has. I don’t know if I was ever glowing or anything but I do know how miserable my pregnancy was. But for the first couple of months I didn’t show at all. Most people would tell me like you weren’t even that big. You look good being pregnant and beautiful.

But in my head all I kept thinking was I am 40 pounds heavier and I’m pretty sure his head in my ribs. At least, it felt like his head was. Why does is every position uncomfortable? Did I just rip my pants? Woah, where did these boobs come from? Your body starts to take all these different changes all within in 9 months. You’re literally growing a human being. Sounds kind of weird but where do you think you came from?

But I finally found all the pictures from when I was pregnant with Tatum.

Month 3,4,5



Month 6,7,8


Month 9

Month 9

Here are some of my postpartum pictures as well:


Maternity Shoot


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