Are you really in Love?

Human beings all seek out the same thing  90% of the time. It’s the feeling to be loved, have love, & be in love. We all crave this feeling and we want it forever. The sad part is some of us won’t find someone to fall in love with or to feel unconditionally love.

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I’m back & i’m better

I am coming back to the blogging world, because not only have I graduated college, I’ve become a mom, had some cool vacations, and have been enjoying life after college basketball. I’ve had so man life altering things happen as well that I can wait to share with everyone.

Love Type Love

Sometimes when I feel like love is just a myth and it doesn’t exist… I always have to go back to this video.

The one video that makes me believe that it is our there and it will come but check it out. It’s old but it’s probably one of the best videos I’ve heard about love.

I’m waiting..

Wondering, pondering, thinking, always seems to lead to waiting…

I’m waiting on the day, when our eyes first meet.

I’m waiting on the day, when we are so nervous it’s awkward.

I’m waiting on the day, when we have our first kiss.

I’m waiting on the day, where you make me laugh so hard I can’t breathe.

I’m waiting on the day, we can’t go a a day without talking to each other.

I’m waiting on the day, we face every challenge that come our way together.

I’m waiting on the day, we have our first date.

I’m waiting on the day, he says ” Will you be mine?”

I’m waiting on the day, we decide to go on an adventure together.

I’m waiting on the day, when he always puts me first.

Im waiting on the day, he says “I love you.” 

I’m waiting on the day, we fight but push through it.

I’m waiting on the day, he gives me a ring and promises me I’m all his.

I’m waiting on the day, I see my picture with his words under it.

I’m waiting on the day, he shows me off.

I’m waiting on the day, he says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

I’m waiting on the day, he gets down on one knee.

I’m waiting on the day, I walk down the alter and say, “I do.”

I’m waiting on the day, when we’ve told people how we’ve met over a billion times.

I’m waiting on the day, he shares his world with me.

I’m waiting on the day, we find our home.

I’m waiting on the day, I tell you, ” You’re going to be a father.”

I’m waiting on the day, we raise our children together.

I’m waiting on the day, we see them off to college.

I’m waiting on the day, we accomplish our goals together.

I’m waiting on the day, when we grow old together.

I’m waiting on the day, when I no longer have to wait for you…

Because I know where you’ll be, right next to me.

Have you ever..

Lately, I keep having all these feelings come from nowhere and I don’t really understand any of them.

It’s like when you ask a question but you don’t want to know the answer to it. But you asked because you really wanted to know. But in the end you know the answer will never be what you want it to be. 

Why does this happen? Why do we as human beings search for an answer but do not want to know the answer. You sit there and you contemplate every detail and aspect of the question.

You try to determine what the answer will be or what your reaction will be. People will tel you don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer too. But why sit there lost and confused?  Why not go search for the answer and get the clarity?

Life is full of mysteries and questions but do you really ever want to know the answers to them. Or should you just sit back and let it be? That’s a question that I truly do not want to know the answer too. 

But it the end when you get that answer, it might just change your life.

Until next time,

Taijhe Kelly ❤️

A miscommunication

The story starts off by a girl who met a guy but they both had different intentions. They truly had a miscommunication. They were so strong and soon fell apart as time went on.

She seen him everyday, they talked, they smiled, and they laughed. He was her best friend but he wanted more. She wouldn’t have it any other way but to be best friends forever. But apparently there was a miscommunication.

She never intended to play with his heart or make him feel hurt. She never intended to make him feel the way he did. She never intended to upset or disappoint him. She never intended for things to happen the way they did.

He meant the world to me and She trusted him with her life. She trusted him with her deepest darkest secrets. She knew they would be friends forever. They would take care of each other no matter what happnened.

She never wanted to lose that trust or even there friendship.

The unexpected occurred and there was no going back. She didn’t know what was going on. Everything was a mess and there wasn’t anything else he or she could do. My emotions were shooting threw the ceiling. She no longer had control over the situation or even what would come next.

We no longer talk, smile, or laugh anymore. All there is pain and suffering, mostly disappointment. He was my best friend and I betrayed his trust. I lost his respect.

I can’t go back and change the past but I can make it right in the future. 

The rest is still a mystery.

Until next time,

Taijhe Kelly ❤️

How would you describe the one?

I want to know how you guys out there would describe “The One”? The person that will change and spend the rest of your life with them.

How would you describe the perfect one for you. The one who you know will always be there and support you in every way. Who would you want to be your soulmate?

I would really love feedback on this topic.

Make sure you post your comment on the blog, that’s really important.


Taijhe Kelly ❤️

Embracing the unexpected 

” Hi, my name is Taijhe.”

” Hey, my name is BJ.”

Who is J you might ask?

It’s crazy how something happen in my life. Things come very unexpectedly and always at the wrong time.

One night I decided to go chill with some friends because I was going through a situation with my ex. She wanted to leave me. So she left. These two amazing people helped me pushed through it all. But BJ had a different hold on me. All three of stayed up all night just talking about life, everything.

Around 6 o’clock in the morning, there was something different about BJ after our friend went to work. He kept interested in the conversation to the point where I couldn’t sleep. The entire time I sat there and laid next to him thinking when I she going to kiss me. As I layed next to him looking him face to face, I couldn’t help but want to know more about him. I couldn’t resist the temptation of knowing he wanted to kiss me too.

I turned over and tried to fall asleep but I couldn’t do he started rubbing my back in the most gentle way. BJ then asked me “What am I spelling?” As he wrote words and letters on my back. There was a couple letters at first, just random ones. I asked him to spell a word for me. The first letter was a K, then I, S, and S. Multiple thoughts rushed in my head to know if he wanted what I want. I didn’t know how to think or even feel.

Finally, it was my turn because I insisted to spell a word to finish what he said. I wrote M and E along his back. It took him a second to get it but he understood and he kissed me right there. I didn’t know how to feel about it or what it even was. I never expected something like that to even occur.

We instantly knew and found out at that moment we had both liked each other. But let me tell you why BJ is the one that changed everything.

He’s about the same height as me. He wears whatever he wants and doesn’t care what anybody thinks about it. He’s different, not scary different but good different. He’s younger than me but not too much to the point where it’s weird.

He looks at the world in a different perspective and judges no one. He works hard everyday and always strives to do and be better. BJ has goals and ambitions that make him more attractive. He’s self confident and trustworthy.

He sees what you see in every way. BJ makes you want to go and adventure throughout the world. He lives every day as if it were his last. BJ continued to impress and amaze me everyday.

Where this story ends, I have no clue but I’m down for the ride

Until next time,

Taijhe Kelly ❤️