Embrace those Natural Curls

Do you love your weave as much as I do? Maybe, you love the fact that you don’t have to come your hair when you wake up. How about the fact that you can just get up and throw on blonde curly wig on? I love my hair better than the next person. No, I’m not talking about my natural hair but my Malaysian body wave.

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Don’t ignore me, RESPOND.

We have all had these moments where something just bothers us so much that we go on a rant about it. I have decided to do a new thing called Rant of the Week. Every week I’m going to post a rant, something that has been bothering me all week. So here is my first rant :

Month 2

Weeks 5-8

During Month 2 of my pregnancy, I was completely miserable because I’m pretty sure I couldn’t eat or drink anything at all. I could not eat or drink basically anything. I was super tired. I still went to work every single day during month 2 and I was always on my feet. I still worked about 30-40 hours a week at my job as a server. I had some moments where I literally couldn’t go to work because I was too exhausted.

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Flying with your Little One

I couldn’t decide whether I should bring the base or not bring the base. I couldn’t even decide if I should bring the stroller. I didn’t even know if you could bring water on the plane, so you could make the baby a bottle. I had no idea whether or not to bring the carrier either wondering if that would be easier. So I’m going to tell you exactly what to do to make your trip easier with your little one.

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Zendaya Kills Lip Sync Battle 

I love Zendaya but I love her even more when she starts lip syncing “Tyrone” by Erykah Badu. This is the most iconic song by her and I will love it til the day I die.

Because you better call Tyrone.


And for every one that love this song as much as I do here is the original by Erykah Badu

Month 1

I am going to tell you guys how wonderful (TOTALLY EXAGGERATED) my pregnancy was month-by-month. I feel like people always ask me how it was being pregnant. Let’s just say everybody’s pregnancy is definitely different so do not expect yours to be exactly like mine.  Continue reading

I’m back & i’m better

I am coming back to the blogging world, because not only have I graduated college, I’ve become a mom, had some cool vacations, and have been enjoying life after college basketball. I’ve had so man life altering things happen as well that I can wait to share with everyone.