We fall down, But we get up

Everybody has these moments where they just need a little more inspiration to get through the day. It’s time where things just aren’t going good and you feel there is no way to come back from it. But I feel like God presence can just lift you up. There are a couple of songs I want to share with anybody who just isn’t feeling it today.

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Can’t help but wait & wonder…

Every single day I wonder why I do the things I do for certain people. I can’t help but to forgive and forget.

I go out the way to make sure that their day is going as good as it possibly could. But there’s one person that I would do anything for.

I enjoy spoiling & making people feel good. That’s the way I am.

People always ask me why I stick around for people that hurt me. Because it’s the only way I know how to be. FORGIVING.

People always go why would you wait for someone, because I know that everybody can change.

Everybody makes mistakes.